Services We Offer

Mitsuiwa-ACE Engineering provides 2 type of maintenance services

Mitsuiwa-ACE Engineering Maintenance Service

1. Annual Maintenance Service

This is an Annual flat-rate maintenance services.
MAE will support not only the parts replacement but also recovery when your IT equipments encounter some troubles (Transportation fee and engineering fee are included annual maintenance fee).

2. Spot Maintenance Service

This is an on-call spot maintenance services on basis of customer’s requirements.
(Transportation fee and engineering fee are exclusive.)

Maintenance Coverage

Advantage of Annual Maintenance

IT Engineer Outsourced Service

MAE dispatches IT engineer to the client site, who takes care of customer’s IT Infrastructure.

IT engineer shall conduct daily operation check and trouble shooting, so it is possible to reduce your staffs’ burden and concentrate your primary business.
Skills of client’s IT staffs can be improved by undergoing the training, provided and conducted by MAE IT engineer.

Daily work

All clients’ maintenance information shared to MAE IT engineer are continuously shared to the other members so works are efficiently performed without delay.

Trouble Shooting

The above contents are supported in cooperation and coordination with MAE engineers